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Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery

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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in India

Rhinoplasty, Nose Surgery, Nose Surgery India, Rhinoplasty India Rhinoplasty , also called plastic surgery of the nose or a "nose job," is a very popular procedure that can make profound differences not only in the balance of facial features, but also in a person's self-esteem. The aesthetic improvements that a rhinoplasty surgeon can make include decreasing or increasing the size of the nose, altering the tip or bridge of the nose, and narrowing or changing the shape of the nostrils

Q. What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) ?

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that is performed in order to reshape the nose. Although rhinoplasty is most often sought for cosmetic reasons, it can also help correct structural defects that may cause breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty Candidates

As with all facial plastic surgery, good health and realistic expectations are prerequisites. Understanding nasal surgery is also critical. Since there is no ideal in rhinoplasty, the goal is to improve the nose aesthetically, making it harmonize better with other facial features.

Skin type, ethnic background, and age are important factors to be considered in discussions with your surgeon prior to surgery. Before the nose is altered, a young patient must reach full growth, usually around age fifteen or sixteen. Exceptions are cases in which breathing is severely impaired.

Before deciding on rhinoplasty, ask your facial plastic surgeon if any additional surgery might be recommended to enhance the appearance of your face. Many patients have chin augmentation in conjunction with rhinoplasty to create a better balance of features.

Preparing for Rhinoplasty Surgery

An in depth discussion with the surgeon is the first step in the understanding your needs and preferences if any. A brief medical history and examination of the nose will be conducted. Photographs of the face will be taken and the relationship of different parts of the face will be assessed. Silhouette drawings of the nose will help you understand the possible outcome of the surgery. Smoking and use of drugs that contain aspirin will have to be stopped about 2 weeks prior to surgery. CT scan of the paranasal sinuses will be ordered and an otolaryngologist(ENT) opinion will be sought if there are functional problems or sinus pathology.

About the Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty usually takes an hour or two, though complicated procedures may take longer. During surgery the skin of the Nose is separated from its supporting framework of bone and cartilage, which is then sculpted to the desired shape. The nature of the sculpting will depend on your problem and the surgical technique. Finally, the skin is red raped over the new framework. This surgical procedure may be performed from within the Nose, making the incisions inside the nostrils.

In some cases, especially in more complicated ones or in secondary procedures, an "open" procedure is indicated; small incisions are made across the columnella, the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils. The resulting scars from an open procedure are barely noticeable after a few months after the surgery.

When the surgery is complete, a splint will be applied to help your Nose maintain its new form and to help reduce the swelling. Nasal packs or soft plastic splints also may be placed in your nostrils to stabilize the septum, the dividing wall between the air passages.

Nose Surgery India, Rhinoplasty India, Face, Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery, Nose Surgery Surgeons
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Rhinoplasty, Nose Surgery, Face, Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery, India Hospital Tour Rhinoplasty, Nose Surgery, Rhinoplasty India, Face,India Hospital Tour
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After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Following your nose job procedure, you can expect to be somewhat sore. Beginning on the first day and continuing for several days after, you can expect swelling and bruising to increase - black eyes are not unusual during rhinoplasty recovery. Applying cold compresses around, but not directly to, the nose will help reduce swelling. Furthermore, most patients report that the pain is not as bad as the facial appearance may make it seem.

Risks and Benefits of Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty carries the same risks as any other surgery. Bleeding, infection, and reactions to medications or anesthesia are possible side effects of rhinoplasty surgery. In addition, there are several risks that are unique to plastic surgery of the nose. These include burst blood vessels that can lead to red spots and small scars on the underside of the nose. You might also require a revisionary second procedure at some point in the future to remove or correct tissue. Explore this site to learn more about the risks and benefits of rhinoplasty surgery.


The recovery takes a couple of weeks. Swelling of the nose may stay a few weeks longer. Most people resume their daily activities in a couple of days and resume office work in a week. There are small paper tapes over the nose to keep the changes in shape. Splint may be used if bony changes are made. There is always some stuffiness of the nose when work has been done on the nasal septum. Pain is minimal and is controlled with medications. Bruising occurs around the eyes if bones are rearranged but will fade within a few days. Discolouration usually disappears in 2 weeks.

Rhinoplasty Results

The vast majority of rhinoplasty patients who choose qualified surgeons to perform their surgery are satisfied with their results. In many cases, very slight changes to the structure of the nose - sometimes as little as a few millimeters - can produce drastic and pleasing results.

Rhinoplasty for Men

Rhinoplasty surgery, as far as the procedure is concerned, is essentially the same for men as it is for women. But there are differences in the aesthetics of the male nose versus the female nose that must be taken into consideration. While every case must be addressed individually, based on your physical condition and goals, there are certain aesthetic commonalities in male noses that are considerd by your surgeon.

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