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Critical Limb Ischemia Treatment

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Critical Limb Ischemia Stem Cell Therapy in India

What is Critical Limb Ischemia?

Critical Limb Ischemia or CLI is a severe obstruction of the arteries which seriously decreases blood flow to the extremities (hands, feet and legs) and has progressed to the point of severe pain and even skin ulcers or sores. Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) is often present in individuals with severe peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The pain caused by CLI can wake up an individual at night. This pain, also called "rest pain," can be relieved temporarily by hanging the leg over the bed or getting up to walk around.

CLI is very severe condition of (PAD) and needs comprehensive treatment by a vascular surgeon or vascular specialist. This condition will not improve on its own!

Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) Treatment Options

Treatment for CLI can be quite complex and individualized, but the overall goal should always be to reduce the pain and improve blood flow to save the leg.

A treatment plan will likely include : -

  • Medications : - Several medications may be prescribed to prevent further progression of the disease and to reduce the effect of contributing factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, and most certainly to reduce the pain. Medications that prevent clotting or fight infections may also be prescribed.

  • Smoking Cessation : - If you smoke, stop! It may save your leg and your life!

  • Ulcer Care : - Treatment will likely include medications and dressings for ulcers.

  • Surgery or Endovascular Procedures : - Surgical or endovascular procedures can be highly successful methods that restore oxygenated blood flow to the areas of skin breakdown. An endovascular procedure consists of a small incision through which a catheter is inserted to where the blockages occur. A balloon may be inflated (angioplasty) or the plaque may be scraped off the artery, or the clot may be removed or broken up (thrombolysis). A wire-reinforced stent may be left in the artery to keep it open.

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A bypass graft may be performed in more serious cases. This surgical procedure uses either an artificial tube or one of your veins as a new artery to bring improved blood flow to the needed area. The place where the blood flow is constricted is bypassed. In a few cases, the surgeon may cut open the artery and scrape out the plaque keeping the artery usable. The last recourse would be amputation of a toe, part of the foot, or leg. Amputation occurs in about 25 percent of all CLI patients.

Since treatment depends on the severity of the disease and many individual parameters, it is essential that someone with ulcers, or pain in the legs or feet when walking or at rest, see a vascular specialist as soon as possible. The earlier a diagnosis can be made, the earlier treatment can be started with less serious consequences.

Stem Cell Therapy in India

Stem cells are the master cells of the human body. They can divide to produce copies of themselves and many other types of cell. They are found in various parts of the human body at every stage of development from embryo to adult.

Because stem cells are so versatile, they could potentially be used to repair and replace damaged human tissue. The purpose of experimental stem cell therapy is to offer potential benefits of stem cells, which may be:

  • To slow down or stop further deterioration caused by the disease
  • To see if stem cells can reverse the effects of the disease

This procedure is considered experimental as it is being tested in clinical research studies, and is not yet available as a standard medical treatment.

The stem cells used in our experimental therapy are Mesenchymal stem cells, which are derived from your own bone marrow. These are multipotent stem cells that can transform into a variety of cell types, and thereby help in regeneration and repair of the diseased tissues.

Critical Limb Ischemia Stem Cell Therapy in India

Critical limb ischemia patients have severe pain in the affected leg at rest, ulcers or gangrene, as a result of atherosclerosis or vasculitis in leg arteries. Prognosis of the diseases is poor especially in patients who are not amenable for revascularization procedures like angioplasty or bypass procedures, have no option other than undergoing Amputation of the affected leg. Transplantation of bone marrow derived stem cells or mesenchymal stem cells having Neoangiogenic and myogenic potential is a possible treatment option for treating CLI.

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