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Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer is one of the most serious diseases that can afflict a person. With over 200 different types of cancer that can occur within the human body, there are numerous treatment options available. Patients who decide to go abroad for cancer treatment often have more considerations to deal with than most other types of treatments. It may also be more difficult to obtain travel insurance if you are undergoing cancer treatment

Certain treatments can affect the body and make traveling more difficult, including nausea, diarrhoea, and even sun sensitivity. Longer term problems such as a weakened immune system or swelling to the limbs can also pose problems. Tiredness during and after treatment may also make longer journeys uncomfortable and taxing.

All these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing your country for treatment. You should always consult with your own doctor and enquire about travel complications for your particular type of cancer.

Some of the most common cancer treatments that can be found in India include : -

The aim of cancer treatment is to completely remove cancerous tissue from the patient without causing significant damage to the rest of the body. Cancer occurs when cancerous cells in the body multiply uncontrollably and accumulate in tumorous masses.

However, cells from these tumors can enter the bloodstream and spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. In more rare forms of cancer, like leukemia, the cancer remains in the bloodstream and does not form tumors. Treatment for this sort of free-ranging cancer is considerably more involved.

There are numerous treatments available for cancer patients, depending largely on the location, scope and severity of the cancer, as well as on the overall health of the patient. Research for new, groundbreaking treatments is currently underway.

Surgery is the most basic form of treatment. When the tumor is self-contained and does not appear to have metastasized, surgery can successfully remove it from the body. Surgery is also an important diagnostic tool, revealing the severity of the disease.

Radiation therapy is a local treatment that floods cancerous cells with ionizing radiation. This can be administered from outside or inside the body; and when successful, the tumor shrinks and cancerous cells die off.

Chemotherapy treats cancer with aggressive drugs that either destroy existing cells or block replication of further cancerous cells. Most cancers cannot repair damage to DNA, and certain forms of chemotherapy inflict DNA damage. In the aftermath, damaged (though otherwise healthy) cells are able to repair themselves, while cancerous cells are ultimately eliminated.

The recovery process for patients of severe forms of cancer can be long and arduous. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy leave the patient very ill for a time, and a strong support structure is important for patients. Regular post-operative checkups are important in case of a resurgence of cancer.

These are only a few of the cancer treatments available. Many consultations will be needed before cancer treatment can begin, and any tests and medical records from your primary doctor can be sent to the clinic abroad before arrival.

The list of of world class Cancer hospitals in India is as follows : -

Apollo Hospital Chennai Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India
Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai, India
Apollo Hospitals Bangalore Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, India
Apollo Hospitals Delhi Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, India
Fortis Hospital Noida, India Fortis Hospital, Noida, India
Narayana Cancer Hospital, Bangalore, India Narayana Cancer Hospital, Bangalore, India
Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon ( Delhi ) , India Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon ( Delhi ) , India

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