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MIOT Hospital, Chennai

Chairman’s Message

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Chairman’s Message of MIOT Hospital, Chennai

Heart Surgery, Cancer MIOT Hospital Chennai, Eye MIOT Hospital Chennai, Spine MIOT Hospital Chennai, Bariatric Surgery MIOT Hospital Chennai

[ Mrs. Mallika Mohandas ]
Chairman, MIOT Hospitals
In 2006 "MIOT Retreat" - an Extended care facility was opened to rehabilitate the patients after a serious illness or a major surgery in a place with soothing ambience and beautifully landscaped gardens. It is well appointed with 5 star hotel facilities like Restaurant, Gym, Hair dressing salon etc. The College and School of Nursing building was also opened at the same time and has become one of the finest institutions for nursing education in the country.

Last year MIOT has emerged as a centre for Keyhole Surgery in all specialities for eg. Minimally invasive hip, knee, spine, endoscopic brain surgery, Laparascopic (Lap.) surgery of liver, gallbladder, stomach, appendix etc. MIOT has also become a leading centre in India in introducing laparoscopic surgery for morbidly obese patients. A team of surgeons, physicians, nutritionist and councilors form the MIOT Centre for Weight control.

New vital super specialities such as Interventional Radiology was introduced, with Dr. Murali as the helm and State of the art new digital Cathlab Flat Panel detector, which is the latest in the medical field and the first of its kind in the country for performing angiography on any portion of the body was installed.

As you know technology is playing an ever-increasing role in medicine today and MIOT is at the forefront. To achieve health care on par with International Standards, special efforts were made to add a highly sophisticated VCT (64 slice CT), light speed CT Scan, a top end MRI with a new HDx platform which has the capability of functional imaging and whole body imaging and the latest Nuclear Scan with a Dual head Gamma Camera were installed. These State of the art facilities have helped us to improve patient care in keeping with our Motto "Putting patients first".
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We have also already upgraded the department of Nephrology and Urology and are in the process of setting up the MIOT Centre for Cardiac Care with team of specialists and Dr. Robert Coelho as its director who will join hands with already existing excellent adult Cardiac Centre for adults headed by the renowned surgeon Dr.V.V.Bashi, without doubt this will become the leading centre in Cardiac Care in the country.

Having already achieved a reputation for a very low percentage or near zero infection rates in patient treatment and surgery. We have added yet an another dimension to take sterilization techniques to the next level. A new State-of-the-art Central Sterile supply or CSSD equipment from Sweden has been installed.

A state-of-the-art tissue culture laboratory, has been set up at MIOT. Dr. Simon Hoerstrup, Director of Cardiovascular research and the division of regenerative medicine at the University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland leads the research with a team at MIOT headed by Dr.Omana Trentz taking us to the next level of innovation and research. These cells, taken from the patient, can be then engineered to form various tissues such as heart valve cells, bone and nerve tissues. Since, the cells come from the patient, there is no immune rejection.

MIOT has entered into a MOU with the Government run Klinikum Hosptial, Stuttgart, Germany for exchange of specialists, training of nurses and treatment of patients. The core areas of collaboration include Orthopaedics, trauma management, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery.

MIOT has also joined hands with Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders) the international organization that provides emergency medical assistance to distressed communities around the world. Two doctors from MIOT would join MSF team each year. Training with the MSF will expose young medical professionals to the sufferings of distressed communities all over the world.

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