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BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore


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Testimonials at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

Global Hospitals Survivors : - Real Life Stories

Each and every liver transplant recipient will give a captive account of their close encounter with death form liver failure and how they went from pillar to post for help with no luck and finally escaped death narrowly with a liver transplant. Most patients who had successful transplanted where at one time, been condemned by their treating doctors to death. They were either told to go home and die in peace or their families have been given the option of disconnecting the ventilator and take the body home for final rites when they were critically ill in the ICU

Universal search for a liver transplant ends at lowest cost in Global Hospitals......

End of the traumatic reversal of roles from doctor to a patient Nashik Doctor undergoing liver transplant at Hyderabad.

Bangalore BGS Global Specialty Hospital Patient Testimonial, Patient Testimonials

Dr. Bhausaheb Morey
Contact Nos: 0253-2571336

On February, 24th, 2003, Dr.Bausaheb Morey, 48, gynaecologist from Nashik went into the operation theatre at Global Hospitals, Hyderabad, hoping to see the next day. Not only did he see the next day but today back in Nasik he is looking forward to doing the best he does and that is being a doctor. Dr.Morey has been suffering from Cirrhosis triggered by Hepatitis B virus, besides Pulmonary Artery Hypertension, renal failure and cold agglutinin haemolytic anaemia which made his case more complicated.This was the first ever liver transplant in Andhra Pradesh and it was the first time in India for this particular condition. Although his waiting period after completion of the extensive workup was not too long it was very painful.

Finally on 24 th February, a suitable organ was found in Chennai. The whole of retrieval team from Global Hospitals were flown by a chartered aircraft to Chennai to retrieve the liver. It was transplanted immediately and it is now more than a year that Dr.Morey underwent the transplant. His wife Mrs. Supriya was all alone with the hospital staff during his waiting period at Hyderabad .

"I would be eternally grateful to the family which decided to donate the liver. My illness was not easy for anyone and at one point of time I gave up hope .I am now back to my profession. I am happy that my ordeal is over and hopes that no family goes through what I have gone through. I have resolved to promote donation of organs in a big way. I feel that too much of superstitions are in the minds of people where donating organs are involved. I will dedicate my rebirth for promoting donation of organs." - Dr. Morey

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Patient Testimonials , Surgery Patient, Doctor Patient, Medical Patient Bangalore

Mr. Ramesh Reddy
Contact Nos: 94406 23822

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My name is K. Ramesh Reddy. I run my own business of Transport. I hail from Proddutur, Cuddapah District of Andhra Pradesh. I was suffering from liver problem from the past few years. The doctors in Proddutur, Delhi and in Hyderabad said that the liver is fully damaged and that I would need a liver transplant. Many of my friends and relatives suggested me to go to U.K. At the same time some of my friends even suggested me to go to Global Hospitals at Hyderabad.

Then I came to Global and found that the facilities were no less than any U.K. hospital. Dr.K.Ravindranath, the Managing Director of Global Hospitals promised me to get the transplant done at Global successfully. I have got a rebirth. I am very thankful to all the Doctors, staff and the whole liver transplant team.

Most of all I am grateful and indebted to the Donor's family. I am hale and healthy now. Global Hospitals has given me a new lease of life. I had been confined indoors before the transplant but have now started to travel and take care of my business without any discomfort. It's being able to perform the simplest day to day activities that fill me with immense pleasure. Most importantly I no longer depend on other people as much as I used to. - Ramesh Reddy

"I am Jaya, wife of Mr.Ramesh Reddy. My husband recovered very fast. I on behalf of our whole family thank the entire liver team and the staff of Global Hospitals" - Jaya

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Bangalore BGS Global Specialty Hospital Patient Testimonial, Surgery Patient, Medical Patient Bangalore

Mr. Kailashnath Wahal
Contact Nos: 098201-22956 / 022-26370093

I am a Chief Purchase Manager in a Private Company working since several years. My liver problem was diagnosed as a fatty liver in 1996. Thereafter in 1998, I was diagnosed to have cirrhosis of liver at Bombay. With reference from the doctors in Bombay I later consulted the doctors in Global Hospitals where I was advised for a liver transplant. Prior to this I went to different hospitals in Delhi and Bombay. Looking at the two places I found Global Hospitals a better place because of the type of facilities and the type of hygiene,

I have decided to go for the operation here. I got my liver transplant assessment done at Global in the month of April and got the cadaver organ in the month of May. With the excellent liver transplant team on work I got my transplant done. They took care of me very well and I was perfectly fit after 9 days. I was out of ICU.

The type of treatment I got from the doctors and the supporting staff was extremely good. I am just gaining weight and becoming sound and healthy. I am really thankful to my company and family who gave me moral support. I am really thankful to Global Hospitals the way they gave me treatment that was really very good and the doctors advices were very sound. When I walked into Global Hospitals I was in a totally run down condition.

I could neither eat nor sleep and let alone walk. The simplest of functions was accompanied by excruciating pain. Since I have been discharged from Global I have been able to walk and carry on all my works. - Kailashnath Wahal

"I am Mrs. Meena Wahal, wife of Mr. Kailashnath Wahal. My husband is now one year post liver transplant and is healthy and doing well after the liver transplant. The facilities are far better in Global Hospitals than in any other city in India. The Doctors, Nursing staff and the treatment in this hospital is really good" - Meena Wahal

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Patient Testimonials , Surgery Patient, Doctor Patient, Medical Patient Bangalore

Baby Pranali Paresh Bhatt
Contact Nos: 079-26300157 / 079-31114555

Pranali Bhatt is 4 ½ year old girl from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is the youngest daughter of Dr. Paresh Bhatt, Psychiatrist in ESI Hospital and Dakshina Bhatt, Physics Lecturer in R.G.Shah College, Ahmedabad. She had recurrent attacks of Jaundice since she was 2 ½ years old. Tests carried out at AIIMS, New Delhi, revealed that she had been suffering from a chronic liver disease which resulted in Cirrhosis of the Liver and Ascites.

At Global Hospitals, Dr.Ramesh Kancharla, Paed.Hepatologist diagnosed that the child had been suffering from an autoimmune disorder. Since liver cirrhosis was very advanced, liver transplantation was considered the only way to save the child. Dr.Bhatt's family members, three of whom are doctors, were keen on living related liver transplant as it would be healthy, safe and genetically compatible.

In what is claimed to be the first in the medical history of Andhra Pradesh, the Global Hospitals performed a rare surgery and rescued this 4 ½ year old girl from end-stage-liver disease by transplanting a slice of liver from her mother. She is now 3 Years post liver transplant and is doing well.

" It used to be painful for me to watch my child suffer. She was constantly sick, weak and unable to eat and her condition was steadily deteriorating. Global Hospitals was like a blessing and I truly believe it is up there with the best. My baby has recovered and is cheerful and playful like a baby should be " - Dakshina Bhatt

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Bangalore BGS Global Specialty Hospital Patient Testimonial, Doctor Patient, Medical Patient Bangalore

Mr. Luv Dhody
Contact Nos: 0522-3231321

" I'm 26 year old Software Engineer, working with Tata Technologies Ltd. Lucknow. I underwent 'Cadaveric Liver Transplant Surgery' on 15th January 2004 at Global Hospitals, Hyderabad. Due to the kind encouragement & cooperation extended by many, I could successfully and contentedly confront the most critical and mental agonizing phase of my life and in turn blessed with realization of almost inaccessible dream of second life after undergoing with the Transplant Surgery.

In May,2002, I was diagnosed being suffering from Liver Cirrhosis. This came as a shock to us. After consulting many of the leading hospitals in the country, Hepatologists and Surgeons advised me to undergo Liver Transplantation at the earliest possible. At that time, the scenario & success rate of Transplantation in India was very unwelcoming.

So, doctors advised us to think of undergoing Transplantation in some other developed country. Through an Advertisement in the leading newspaper, I came to know about Global Hospitals and that they are going to start with Liver transplantations in collaboration with Surgeons from Kings College Hospital, London. This news provided longing relief to us. The surgeons from Kings College Hospital, London has assured us that everything will be all right after the transplantation.

Collecting money for Transplantation, investigations and medication is no joke but it was made possible because of the help of many individuals and my organization. Collecting the huge amount was made possible by the generous contribution of "Employees of Tata Technologies", "Employees of Tata Motors", "Tata Technologies Organization", "JRD Tata Trust", "Ratan Tata Trust", "Dorabji Trust", "Divine Care Society", "Byramjee Foundation" and "All of my friends around the Globe".

I would like to utilize this forum to articulate my heartfelt gratefulness to the people who have helped me. My life remains owed to them. All of you, who helped me, please accept my earnest gratitude for wholehearted unconditional concern aid extended towards me. I know that words could not convey and always fall short in expressing your kind-hearted assistance & support at the so endured, challenging & sought after juncture of my life. All these past months, your caring help has been felt like God Sent Blessings and for this act of your kindness and humanity, we the family will always remain indebted.

Ultimately my Transplantation became possible because of the timely decision by Donor family. I express my heartiest thankfulness to the donor family.

" Transplantation is a team effort and it is very complicated procedure but Global Hospitals Team has made this possible and easy too. I'm highly impressed and appreciate their coordinating efforts, which eventually made my Transplantation successful. I salute to the doctors, nurses, transplant coordinating team and other staff of Global Hospitals for providing excellent services and for extending extra care to us.

After Transplantation, now I'm living a quality life. I'm feeling much better these days and fully recuperated post operatively. Now, just I've to take immuno-suppressants life long to sustain myself otherwise I'm absolutely fit & fine." - Luv Dhody.

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Patient Testimonials, Doctor Patient, Medical Patient Bangalore

Nilam G Narola
Contact Nos: 0261-3115125 / 098252 05376

Nilam is a young 18 year old girl from Surat, Ahmedabad. She was initially diagnosed to have Ulcerative Colitis in 1997. She was doing quite well on steroids however; it appears that she had few relapses in the initial years requiring relatively higher dosage of steroids. She had a liver biopsy done in view of persistently abnormal liver function tests in July, 2001. The liver biopsy demonstrated expanded portal tracts, bile duct proliferation with inflammatory infiltrates consisting of Neutrophils and mononuclear cells. There was moderate fibrosis.

These features are consistent with Sclerosing Cholangitis which is well associated with Ulcerative Colitis. She suffered from recurrent Cholangitis and some of these were infectious Cholangitis. Neelam continued to do poorly despite being on fairly high dosage of steroids with severe failure to thrive and poor growth parameters. Her liver disease progressed quite significantly in the last one year with deteriorating liver synthetic functions. After careful assessment she was placed on cadaveric liver transplant waiting list.

On "Mother's Day" unique story in Organ transplantation unfolded in Hyderabad. The mother of a brilliant young school boy, who lost his life in a tragic and ill-fated fall from a terrace, took the rare and brave decision of donating his organs. Consequently the liver was harvested and transplanted to Nilam on 10th May, 2004. The transplantation procedure was carried out without much blood loss. She is 2 Years post transplant now.

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Bangalore BGS Global Specialty Hospital Patient Testimonial, Doctor Patient, Medical Patient Bangalore

Baby Pranali Paresh Bhatt
Contact Nos: 079-26300157 / 079-31114555

Mr. Ramesh Chandra Patra - Contact Nos: 094372 17784 Mr. Ramesh Chandra Patra, 53 years old, is a practicing lawyer based at Delhi. He is a Member of Supreme Court Bar Association, New Delhi and a Life Member of Orissa High Court Bar Association, Cuttack hailed from Berhampur, Orissa. He was crippled with end-stage liver cirrhosis triggered with Hepatitis B. He got a fresh breath of life when his liver was transplanted with that of a young brain death donor from Vellore on 26th July. He is all set to get back to his life.

"I am a new man now. I was always optimistic, though there are very few donors. I am very grateful to my doctor and the parents of my donor who put their grief behind them and took the decision to donate their son's organs." - Ramesh Chandra Patra

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Bangalore BGS Global Specialty Hospital Patient Testimonial, Patient Testimonials , Surgery Patient

Master Swarnil Bhowmick

A British surgeon has put spring back into the life of a three-year-old Bangladesh boy by meticulously excising a rare cyst that enveloped most of his liver and crippled him.

Even when the boy, Swarnil Bhowmick, was hardly six months old, his mother Mrs. Apu Bhowmick and father Mr. Biswadev Bhowmick, a Government employee in Dhaka, noticed the boy's abdomen grew in size but his growth was stunted. Dacca doctors, who detected a cyst in the child's liver, operated upon him when he was a year and half old. But the cyst recurred and grew so large that it compressed the stomach, intestines and kidneys. The child could neither take normal food nor walk. Kolkata doctors, whom the parents consulted, recommended liver transplantation for the boy to lead a normal life.

Mrs. Abu Bhowmick, who read about Global Hospitals' offer to undertake liver transplantation free of cost for children, travelled from Dhakaa to Kolkata by bus and then by train to Hyderabad along with the child. She had come prepared to part with a slice of her liver for transplantation in the child.

Dr. K. Ramesh, Paediatric Hepatologist, and Dr. Andreas Prachalias, who carried out a number of diagnostic tests on the boy, felt that the cyst was perhaps resectable. They, however, kept the living related liver transplantation option open. Dr. Andreas, Dr. K. Ravindranath and Dr. Balbir Singh, Surgical Gastroenterologists of Global Hospitals, who opened up the abdomen, found a multi-locational cyst that occupied the entire abdomen and eclipsed the liver's right lobe and a part of the left lobe. They did what in medical parlance is known as "right extended hepatectomy" (removal of liver's right lobe and a portion of the left lobe".

The surgery left the boy with only 15 per cent of his original liver. Yet he coped so well and recovered so fast that he could be discharged after an eight-day stay in Global Hospitals.

" Even for King's College Hospital, which has so far done 2500 liver transplants, it is a rare case. The cause for the cyst is not known. And the chances of the cyst recurring are rare. " - Dr. Andrea

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Surgery Patient, Doctor Patient, Medical Patient Bangalore

Baby Batool Hassan
Contact Nos: 0092-21-8147002, 0320-4037556, 0300-2392304

Batool was born with a genetic defect which manifested itself when she was just one month old. As the child grew, the disease worsened resulting in itching, stunted growth and cholesterol deposits in the body. The doctors in Karachi concluded that there is no alternative to a liver transplantation. The doctors at Aga Khan suggested that the child be taken to the US or Singapore but the cost was high and the family have looked at India as an attractive destination and zeroed in on global hospitals in Hyderabad after learning about it from their friends in Mumbai.

She is now five years old affected by a genetic disorder called Alagille's syndrome which triggers mostly liver disease leading to advanced cirrhosis or manifests in the form of holes in the heart, poor circulation of blood to lungs and abnormalities in spine and eyes, making the entire transplant procedure more challenging.

Based on the letter issued by Global Hospitals regarding the liver transplant, visa was issued for the family only two months. After the liver transplant workup at Global she had a right femur fracture for which she underwent a surgery. This delayed the transplant. She has received a slice of her father, Mr. Irtiza Hassan's healthy liver in a liver transplant surgery on 07.08.04.

As expected, the eight-hour transplant procedure involving the removal of a segment from father's liver, pulling out Batool's diseased liver and its replacement with the father's liver segment went on smoothly. She did not require even one unit of blood during the entire transplantation procedure.

As a Gift for the Children of India and neighbouring Countries on the eve of Childrens' Day Celebrations during 2003, Global Hospitals made a policy to undertake free liver transplantations to the Children, not only from India but also from the neighbouring countries. Only the medicines and the disposables will be charged.

We have confidence in the doctors and hospital and the people around us here have given us the support. After the successful transplant and our recovery, visa extension was our main concern. They even helped us in getting the visa extension.

"I have no words to express my gratitude. The love and affection extended to us was unforgettable. I never felt like an ajnabi. When I came here my daughter's condition was very serious and now her health is normal" - Irtiza Hassan

"My eyes are now clear because I have papa's liver in my tummy." - Batool Hassan

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Bangalore BGS Global Specialty Hospital Patient Testimonial, Medical Patient Bangalore

Mr. Abdul Haleem Magdi

Mr. Abdul Haleem Magdi (48) of Cairo successfully underwent liver transplantation at Global Hospitals here on February 19, 2005. He was a victim of liver cirrhosis caused by hepatitis C virus, Mr. Magdi had been living a poor quality of life for the previous three years. He had developed ascitis, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis and oesophageal varices.

Doctors in Cairo had told him that liver transplantation was the only line of treatment that could save him. Since Egypt does not have facilities for cadaveric liver transplantation, he and a brother of his, Dr. Sabri, a Cardiologist in Dubai, surveyed the facilities around the globe. Dr. Sabri himself had undergone a liver transplant in Paris, France, in 1993. They zeroed in on Global Hospitals ultimately as it delivered world-class results at incredibly lower costs.

Mr. Magdi arrived in Hyderabad on January 29, 2005, underwent a workup and waited for a cadaveric liver to become available. He was lucky in that in less than a month, the family of a brain-dead Defence employee agreed to part with his organs to give a new lease of life to the critically ill. The Defence employee was on his way to a temple in a three-wheeler when he had an accidental fall.

Dr. Kanchusthambam Venkata Subba Rao, Liver Transplant Surgeon, carried out the liver transplant procedure that lasted nine hours on February 19, 2005. The transplant team included Dr. Dharmesh Kapoor, Liver Specialist, Dr. Venugopal and Dr. Chandrasekhar, surgeons, and Dr. Padma and Dr. Subrahmanyam, Anaesthesiologists.

For the first time in India's medical history, an Egyptian has been transplanted with the liver of an Indian and enabled to lead a normal life. By a strange coincidence, the beneficiary happens to be a retired Egyptian Defence employee and the donor, an Indian Defence attendant.

" Quoting scientific studies, Dr. Subba Rao says that 20 per cent of the 62 million Egyptians (against the global three per cent) are victims of hepatitis C, which leads to liver cirrhosis, cancer and failure. Paradoxically, the Egyptian Government's campaign during 1950-1980 to cure another disease has resulted in the current hepatitis epidemic. The Government had launched the nation-wide programme to control schistosomiasis - a common parasitic disease acquired through swimming or wading in contaminated irrigation channels or standing water.

The mainstay of the treatment was intravenous injection of a specific drug. As the needles and syringes were recycled and not sterilized properly, hepatitis C spread from one person to another and acquired epidemic proportions. Of every 100 infected with hepatitis C, 40 recover and the remainder 60 become chronic carriers. Twenty per cent of them, i.e. 12 people, develop cirrhosis. Twenty per cent of those with cirrhosis develop cancer. "

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Patient Testimonials , Doctor Patient, Medical Patient Bangalore

Baby Pranali Paresh Bhatt
Contact Nos: 079-26300157 / 079-31114555

Master Sanjay Srinivas - Contact Nos: A six-year-old boy of Colombo (Sri Lanka) has received a new lease of life with Global Hospitals transplanting in him a segment of liver taken from his mother.

Sanjay Srinivas was born in Colombo with what medial experts describe as Biliary Atresia - a condition in which the liver does not develop bile ducts/channels to discharge bile into the intestine. Bile helps in the digestion and absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Biliary Artesia patients are vulnerable to jaundice, recurrent infections and stunted growth. The cause of Biliary Atresia is not known. Liver transplantation is the only way by which such patients can be saved from death.

The child's parents - Mr. Sampath, working for a software company and Mrs. Kavitha, housewife - after extensive inquiries in medical circles contacted Global Hospitals two years ago. Global Hospitals, a leader in liver transplantation in India, told them that there was no alternative to liver transplantation. The parents talked to families whose members had undergone liver transplantation at Global before opting for the ultimate procedure in Hyderabad.

Dr. Kancherla Ramesh, child liver specialist and Dr. Dharmesh Kapoor, adult liver specialist, prepared the child and his mother to undergo the surgeries.

Dr. Mohamed Rela, world-renowned Liver Transplant Surgeon, from King's College Hospital, London, and Dr. Kanchustambam V. Subba Rao, Liver Transplant Surgeon, Global Hospitals, carried out the twin surgeries involving the removal of a liver segment from the mother and transplanting it in the child on August 3, 2005. The transplant team included DR. P. B. N. Gopal and Dr. P. Padma, Anaesthesiologists.

According to Dr. K. Ravindranath, Managing Director, Global Hospitals, this is the fifth paediatric liver transplant undertaken at Global Hospitals.

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Bangalore BGS Global Specialty Hospital Patient Testimonial

Mr. K. Ramesh

The Laborer, K. Ramesh from Muneerabad village, Medchal Mandal, Hyderabad. He was suffering from a Heart ailment for the past one year. His breathlessness was dismissed off as a minor health problem by local doctors. It was only after he went to a private hospital in the city that the real condition of his heart was discovered. He was diagnosed with a chronic heart ailment. After a year's suffering and the doctors giving him less than 15 days of life in February 2004. Prior to the surgery many had ruled out his survival for he was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy in which the heart is damaged for reasons unknown.

Ramesh received the gift -HEART -from the grieving parents of a young driver who was declared brain dead. Ramesh was transplanted with the young man's heart on 6th February. This was the first ever heart transplant performed in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Global Hospitals was once again in the news by performing the first heart transplant in the state.

Normally, the heart transplantation operation takes about four hours but in the case of this patient the doctors completed the operation in about three hours. He is perfectly doing well and is seven months post transplant. Nonetheless, he is very happy that the pain and suffering are the things of past. An illiterate Ramesh says, if he could write, he would have written to all news papers appealing to people to give life to others by donating their organs. This is the ultimate charity one can make.

"I am a new man. After the operation, I couldn't believe that I am alive. I have begun to respect life more ever since. I have a second birth, I am very grateful to the parents of my donor. I never knew one could get a new heart. I thought this was it for me. I had only so much time in this world" - K. Rames

The hospital had so far carried out 60 livers, 77 kidneys and one each of heart and bone marrow transplants.

Branches of BGS Global Hospital in India : -

BGS Global Hospital Bangalore BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore
BGS Global Hospital Chennai BGS Global Hospital, Chennai
BGS Global Hospital Hyderabad BGS Global Hospital, Hyderabad

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