Cheapest IVF Treatment in India - Reasonable IVF Cost India

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Are you looking for IVF treatment in India’s hospital?

IVF Treatment Cost in India divided into two parts (i) Basic cost and (ii) Additional cost:

• The basic cost of IVF treatment: It includes your pre-existing expenses such as the complete cycle of IVF and ICSI, egg pick up, embryo transfer, ultrasound scan and blood tests. The entire package of IVF treatment will range between USD 4500 to USD 5500 and this package will not include the cost of the advanced IVF treatment.

• Additional cost of IVF treatment: This cost of the package will depend on the procedure you have chosen for e.g. if you have chosen IVF with egg donor than the cost of your package will increase because it included the cost of the egg donor, screening, recruiting, lab charges etc. or if you have chosen the other advanced procedure which is surrogacy where surrogate will carry the pregnancy for you. This will also increase the IVF Treatment Cost in India because it includes the cost of the surrogate mother, legal fees, screening, recruiting, lab charges etc.

But if you compare the IVF Treatment Cost in India whether it is basic or additional both are comparatively very less as compared with other developed countries as they charge one-tenth of the IVF cost which India offers you and also India is a country which not only offers you the reasonable cost only but also the highest success rate of taking the baby home which is around 70 to 80% and this is quite high as compared with other countries.

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