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Dr. Deepak Garg – Sr. Eye Specialist Surgeon Mumbai, India

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Dr. Deepak Garg – Sr. Eye Specialist Surgeon Mumbai, India
Dr. Deepak Garg -DNB
Medical Director

In the past 2 year have performed over 150 squint surgeries and done over 100 pediatric cataracts at Lotus Eye Hospital.

The squints treated include complex cases like third nerve palsies, Brown’s syndrome and Duane’s Syndrome

Medical qualifications


Period           1995-2001

University       Bombay university

Recent training

Hands-on trainee at the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Program in Mumbai March to April 2007

Honorary fellowships in pediatric ophthalmology in various institutes in Canada, United States and London – January to June 2006

  • Dr Alex Levin, Hospital for sick kids – Toronto
  • Dr Lisabeth Hall, New york eye and ear infirmary – New York city
  • Dr Ronald Keech, University of Iowa hospitals and clinics – Iowa city o Dr Elias Traboulsi, Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland
  • Dr Sherwin Isenberg, Jules Stein, UCLA – Los Angeles o Dr Joseph Demer, Jules Stein, UCLA – Los Angeles
  • Dr Ken Nischal, Great Ormond Street Children Hospital – London

Clinical appointments / Work experience

Sankara Nethralaya, a tertiary referral center, is one of the leading ophthalmic education and Research institutes in India. Also Sankara Nethralaya has been the best recognized


And a centre for fellowship exams under Edinburgh Royal College of Surgeons for the past 6 years. This gave me an opportunity to get exposed to a number of ophthalmologic conditions and their modes of management.

One year training – Pediatric ophthalmology and squint

Period                 April 2004 - March 2005

Medical college    Medical Research Foundation, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

4 month independent consultation

Period                April 2005 – July 2005

Hospital    Medical Research Foundation, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

Independently examined and managed cross consultations which were sent to the squint department.

Pediatric ophthalmology and Strabismus - One year training

Clinical assessment and management

  • Complete ophthalmic and strabismic evaluation in children
  • Examination and management of adult strabismus
  • Diagnosis and management of other accommodative and non surgical conditions
  • Worked in the orthoptics department - assessment of patients with convergence and accommodation problems.
  • Worked in the pediatric LVA department and learned management of pediatric low vision
  • Complete Pediatric Glaucoma assessment
  • Trained in ROP screening and retinoblastoma screening for cases being followed up

Surgical Exposure

  • Pediatric cataracts - performing primary posterior capsulorhexis with anterior vitrectomy and in the bag IOL implantation
  • Performing squint surgeries, including both horizontal and vertical recti.
  • Recession and myectomy of the inferior oblique
  • Adjustable muscle surgery
  • Probing in Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct obstruction
  • Ptosis correction in children

Diagnostic procedures

  • Hess charting
  • Diplopia charting
  • Electrodiagnostic procedures

Special interests

  • Amblyopia and management
  • Pediatric low vision aids
  • Pediatric neurophthalmology
  • Ocular motility disorders
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