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Dr. Manoj Khanal Sr. Consultant Neurosurgeon Epilepsy Specialist, India

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Curriculum Vitae

Name:Dr. Manoj Khanal
Age:33 years
Date of Birth: 26/06/1979
Marital status : Married, 1 daughter.


  1. Permanent Address: Chandigarh , Sector 22B
  2. Present Address : Married Doctors Hostel, H Block-112, PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Educational Qualifications:

  1. MBBS(2004):Central University, Silchar-1th rank.
  2. MD Medicine (2007): Gauhati University, Guwahati,Assam-1th rank Medicine.
  3. DM Neurology (2012): PGIMER, Chandigarh -1th rank Neurology.


  1. During 3 years stay in PGIMER, seen more than 20,000 neurology patients in outdoor, emergency, consultations and indoor visits suffering from epilepsy, stroke, headache, movement disorder, autoimmune disorder, CNS infections etc....
  2. Have thrombolysed more than 20 patients of Acute ischemic Stroke.
  3. Took care of more than 250 patients suffering from juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy(JME),highest by a single neurologist in PGIMER.
  4. Done more than 1000 EDG reportings , more than 500 Ncs, SSR, EMG and RNS testing and more than 200 cv Doppler and TCD Monitoring.
  5. Done more than 100 nerve and muscle biopsies.
  6. Numerous seminars and journal club presentations on important topics and advanced management.
  7. Worked under Stalwards of Neurology like Dr Gauri Devi, Dr Meena Gupta , Dr S.Prabhakar, Dr V.Lal etc...
  8. Won a lot of accolodes from Professors, Seniors , Colleagues and Juniors in PGIMER.

Interests: Epilepsy, Stroke, Headache, autoimmune neurology.

Total Experience in the Field of Neurology:4 years.

Earlier Experience:

  1. Worked in the depatment of Neurology in IHBAS, Delhi (2008).
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